Friday, 7 December 2012

It's 1.45pm and it's so dark, cold and dreary. The weather. A British obsession I know, but we love to talk about it....endlessly. It's a good conversation starter, even with total strangers. You can't go wrong with weather talk:) Anyway, it's no wonder that at this darkest time of the year we need (well I do) sparkle, glitter, the joy of candles lit, lamps on, a pot of tea brewing under a snug tea cosy. And there we have another British obsession......tea. I still make mine in a pot, no swishing a tea bag around a mug for me. No siree, I want properly brewed tea with a little milk, no sugar thank you. A nice dunkable biscuit is an added bonus of course. So now I'm writing about tea it's put me in the mood for a cup or two so I'm off to put the kettle on. Join me if you like.
Until next time. Bye for now. Sandi x

Thursday, 6 December 2012

If you have arrived here by some miracle then hello to you and welcome to my home.  I hope this is the beginning of something special, a meeting of like-minded souls. Somewhere to get together for a cosy chat over a cup of tea and a slice of home-made cake.
A place where we can discuss our fondness for all things beautifully time-worn and tattered. A place to settle down among the comfy cushions, put our feet up and idly stroke one of my three cats. Not forgetting my shadow, my trusted and most gentle of companions. His name is Mr Dante and he's a true friend indeed, with huge brown eyes, a smiling face and some seriously sharp teeth.  Not that he would ever dream of biting my friends. He's my most favourite pooch in the whole world and he loves to listen to the gentle murmur of conversation.
I live in a market town, neither too big or too small. Just about the right size really. It's history stretches right back into the mists of time, a once fortified stronghold boasting the remains of a castle which leans more than the tower of Pisa.
At the moment the weather here is rather chilly, frosty mornings are a regular occurrence but you won't feel cold when you come inside my home. I've started dotting one or two Christmas decorations around, not too many though, not just yet.
Anyway, enough for now. Please come back again whenever you like, it's so good to get visitors.
Bye for now........